Metal Finishing Systems & Processes

  • Coatings for Iron, Steel & Aluminum
  • Rust Preventives & Decorative Finishes
  • Cleaners & Preps
  • Process Equipment & Tank Lines
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Packaging & Private Labeling

  • Mixing, Filling, Testing & Packaging
  • Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical & Industrial
  • USP Purified Water System
  • Testing: HPLC, IR, pH, Viscosity & Specific Gravity
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Quality Products for Healthcare

  • AER Witch Hazel Medicated Pads & Towelettes
  • Scopettes Large-Tip Applicators
  • B-Sure Incontenence Care Products
  • LiquiCell Medical Technology
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Meet The Team
  • Mike Shelton
    Mike Shelton
    Birchwood Laboratories
    President and CEO
  • Brent Chapman
    Brent Chapman
    Birchwood Laboratories
    Vice President of Finance, IT & Administration
  • Bruce Olsen
    Bruce Olsen
    Birchwood Laboratories
    Vice President of Operations
  • Jesse Vouk
    Jesse Vouk
    Birchwood Technologies
    General Manager
  • Shawn Nahan
    Shawn Nahan
    Birchwood Contract Manufacturing
    General Manager
  • Patrick Joas
    Patrick Joas
    Birchwood Laboratories Medical Division
    General Manager
  • Travis Siverson
    Travis Siverson
    Birchwood Laboratories
    Director of Regulatory Affairs / Quality Assurance
  • Amy Shero
    Amy Shero
    Birchwood Laboratories
    Director of Human Resources